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    Be ready for a safe & healthy winter workplace

    Now is the time to make sure your facility is ready for the bad weather and the challenges it brings. Sure, everyone knows that proper matting at all entrances will trap & hold dirt for easy removal before it spreads. For a matting guide click here:

    And having ice melt on hand BEFORE you need it insures a quick & safe response to ice and snow. Do you need to get some ordered? View our quick ship ice melt here:

    And with the use of ice melt there is often residue tracked into the building. This needs to be quickly removed to preserve the floor finish and keep it from spreading further. A quick mopping or auto scrubbing with the correct neutralizer will take care of this. I recommend Bond-Ayd. Product information & directions are here: 

    Here is a great tool for quick clean-ups like ice melt residue, as well as everyday mopping tasks:

    So, let's review. Matting, ice melt, neutralizer, bucketless mop. These will take care of what we CAN see. What about those things we CAN NOT see like harmful bacteria on surfaces and airborne germs that spread cold, flu and other diseases? Diseases that make employees sick, increase absenteeism, lower productivity and hurt the bottom line. Research shows that only 1 out of 3 people wash their hands after using the rest room. As many as 14 people in a row can be contaminated from the same dirty door handle. Harmful bacteria can live on surfaces for up to 72 hours! Here are some simple, low cost yet effective things you can do to have a healthier workplace this winter and always:

    Install hand sanitizer at the exits of rest rooms, in break rooms and wherever employees congregate.

    Encourage hand sanitizer usage after you shake hands / before you snack or eat lunch / after using the rest room / after handling money / when you cough, sneeze or blow your nose / after getting coffee, using a vending machine or anytime you feel your hands need to be refreshed. We have several sanitizer options available including gel, foam or spray, in regular or non alcohol formulas. See the new Purell ADX system  here:

    Don't forget indoor air quality, too. The quality of your indoor air can affect performance, attendance and personal health. You can now clean the air using activTek Active Pure Technology. These portable, economical units are simple to use. Just plug in and they work 24/7 killing germs both in the air and on all surfaces. You can't clean 24/7 but Active Pure Technology can! Learn more about Active Pure here: 

    For more information on any of these topics and to get started on your healthy winter workplace please contact me at  or call 913-709-3881. I want to help you succeed!







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