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    Bob Moore
    Inside Sales Specialist




    A pound of liners a year are consumed for every person on the planet. We have developed a guide to help you understand liner basics and sustainability issues associated with them.

    Follow this link to learn more:

    For more on reducing liner usage at your facility and/or a price quote please contact me at  or call 913-709-3881.


    Have a problem with small spaces?

    Due to space constraints in many facilities, a full size roll towel dispenser just won't fit over a counter, under a cabinet, above a sink or wherever space is tight. This forces the facility to use costly - and less efficient - folded towels. With the new Optiserv Accent you can now use roll towels in those small spaces and start enjoying the benefits a roll towel system provides, including:

    • Higher Capacity - refill less often / reduce runouts 
    • Controlled Usage -  dispenses one at a time / less waste                                    
    • Hands Free Operation - touch only the paper / reduces touch points
    • Go Green - 100% recycled Green Seal paper option available 
    • Save Money - roll towels always have a lower in-use cost than folded


    To learn more about the Accent and see how it can benefit your facility contact me at 913-709-3881 or  - I want to help you succeed!





    Waterless Urinal Cleaning Tips

    If you are called upon to clean waterless urinals here are some guidelines:

    Use a neutral disinfectant cleaner or non acid rest room cleaner. Apply cleaner inside and out, allow appropriate dwell time,  then wipe off preferably with a soft cloth like microfiber. Do not let any of the chemical run down into urinal drain. They should not take longer to clean than standard urinals.

    If you are noticing odors it might be time to change the cartridge or a lose seal or a problem with the drainage line. Learn more about what steps to take here:

    Always follow manufacturers guidelines when performing any maintenance. Because waterless urinals do save water look for them to become more popular.

    If I can help you with this or other cleaning challenges email me at  or call me direct at 913-709-3881.



    Time to upgrade? Money tight? Start now. Here's how.

    Doing More With Less;
    How to Come out Ahead on the Other Side of Budget Reductions                 

    Dear Facilities Manager and Purchasing Professional,                           

    There is little doubt there will be even more pressure on your custodial budget. Cutting supplies or delaying automation, however, is probably not the best answer. We have observed over 65 years of serving customers in the Midwest Region that it is easy to cut so much that supplies begin to conflict with, instead of serving, your intended purposes. The same is true of mechanization or automation. After cost-cutting, you are still faced with rising expectations, health challenges like MRSA and seasonal influenza, evolving green and sustainability requirements, and in some cases new uses of your facilities not envisioned when budgets were established.  Cutting further in these traditional areas is not necessarily the best option, or your only one. We offer a better alternative and a proven methodology.

    We know that $19 out of every $20 you spend in your Annual Cleaning Budget is on people. We want to help you use that fundamental fact to your advantage.

    When you cut supplies, you are still working on a small portion - just 5 to 7 percent - of the average Annual Cleaning Budget. In other words, a 10% reduction in supplies nets about half of one percent from the overall budget! Yet supplies and automation are critical to productivity, achievement and building occupant satisfaction. So when you slice too deep, you handicap people doing already difficult jobs. Our solution is to help you concentrate on the largest part of the Annual Cleaning Budget: People Resources.

     When you expand your viewpoint from cost-cutting to productivity enhancement, you reverse a trend of conflicts - between the needs of your custodial staff and the requirements of purchasing - that hurts your organization.  You can implement plans that result in efficiencies (cost reductions) that also have demonstrable payoffs in quality and return-on-investment. This is because they are based on changes in processes, not on further reductions in quality or features of the equipment and materials your people have available to work with. We have the roadmap you need, and have helped hundreds of customers use it.

    For more on this topic and/or a free evaluation contact:

    Bob Moore 913-709-3881 or 800-727-7876 or email at


    The Right Mat Makes a Big Difference

    The International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA) has estimated that it costs 600 dollars to find and remove one pound of soil after it has been allowed to enter an average building. This cost is primarily labor. Since entrance mats stop and contain soil and water, it is obvious that removing soil from a mat can be less expensive than removing it from a building since the soil is concentrated in a localized area.

    Soil is everywhere. It is a part of the earth we live on and managing it is a vital part of our everyday existence. Today's emphasis on Green Cleaning and the impact of the cleanliness of a building on health makes soil management even more important. At the heart of soil management is the concept of prevention - prevention of contaminants from entering a building. 85% of all soil enters a building on the feet of building occupants. Prevent that with the right matting for your facility.

    • 1. Stop soil and water at the door

    • 2. Store soil and water for removal

    • 3. Minimize tracking of soil an water

    • 4. Provide a safe surface

    Even if you currently own or are renting mats are they true entrance mats designed to prevent dirt from getting tracked into your building?

    For a free analysis of your building contact me at

    Message and logo mats are also available.