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Since 1943

Pur-O-Zone is the number 1 customer oriented Janitorial Supply distributor and Floor Refinishing team serving the Midwest.  We owe our success to our dedicated team, our loyal and proactive customers, and our continued model of establishing beneficial, personal and lasting relationships with our clients.

Our cleaning products and services have been tailored for 76 years to help our clients achieve operational excellence in a diverse variety of facilities and locations.  We have adopted the scientific nature of the industry, securing unique experience and knowledge in our specialists that can't be found elsewhere. 

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Tracing our history back to 1943, Pur-O-Zone adopted an environmentally friendly approach to cleaning long before it became a cultural phenomenon.  While many have since adopted these slogans and practices for public relations purposes, we have had them all along as a core principle of our business.   

Thankfully, our principles of efficiency also lend themselves beneficial to the consumer, as efficient business practices have the potential to save the most money in the long run, while still maintaining a standard of excellence in the quality of product and service.  

Along with maintaining close relationships with our clients, these principles have allowed us to rise to the top in the Midwest as the Jan San distributor with the happiest customers, and highest quality and most efficient products.


345 N Iowa St, Lawrence, KS 66044

(785) 843-0771

218 E 2nd Ave, Hutchinson, KS 67501

(620) 259-4323

Our Mission

To conduct business in good faith with the highest integrity
To provide certified management programs and support to help you achieve your facilities' health, safety and sustainability goals
To market leading edge technologies that improve outcomes, operational costs, and efficiencies.
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