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Health CaRE

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Industry Leading Innovation

The health care industry is among the most important staples in our economy, and continues to see tremendous growth.   Alongside that growth, new logistical and operational challenges continue to arise at record clip.  Higher product and equipment efficiency, more comprehensive operational expertise, and pandemic avoidance are just a few of the goals that Pur-O-Zone specialists have a proven record in driving up.

Thorough Coverage

In Healthcare, it is especially important to leave no stone unturned in pursuit of operational excellence.  Let our extensive coverage in the industry help you to make your operation more efficient, cleaner, and safer.  

Just as relationship between patient and staff is paramount, we treat each relationship with our clients as a personal subject, and attend our qualifications, skills, experience, and dedication to them.  

A Trustworthy Partner in Healthcare

Our experts bring years of practical experience in their specialty, as well as certifications respected throughout the industry.  

Our company and associates' qualifications include:

ISSA CIMS Logo.png

I.C.E. GB (Industry Cleaning Expert, Green Building) - Administered by ISSA

KADPF Logo.png

KADPF (Kansas Association of Directors of Plant Facilities) organization - Board Members

BOMA Logo.png

BOMA (Building Owners and Managers Association)

 - Board Members


Silver Service Certification - Administered by Nilfisk

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