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Building Service Contracting


Performance Products that Change the Servicing Landscape

Pur-O-Zone has been the most trusted wholesale supplier for facility service contractors for over two decades.  We continue to maintain relationships of mutual success to small and large market service contractors, including affiliates of high traffic facilities like those of the University of Kansas.  Unlike competitors, make no habit of forcing our partners into solutions that don't fit their model.  We specialize in solutions are tailored to your needs.

Long Term Solutions

Sustainable budgeting

Supply plans to compete in high pressure environments

Education and consultations to spot weaknesses in the process and improve your bottom line

Unparalleled customer service at your fingertips

A Trustworthy Partner in Contracting

Our experts bring years of practical experience in their specialty, as well as certifications respected throughout the industry.  

Our company and associates' qualifications include:

ISSA CIMS Logo.png

I.C.E. GB (Industry Cleaning Expert, Green Building) - Administered by ISSA

KADPF Logo.png

KADPF (Kansas Association of Directors of Plant Facilities) organization - Board Members

BOMA Logo.png

BOMA (Building Owners and Managers Association)

 - Board Members


Silver Service Certification - Administered by Nilfisk

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