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Baseline Operational Efficiency

An industrial environment faces mounting challenges of moving parts, each as vital as the next.  Helping those moving parts arrive on the same page is as important, and challenging as ever.  Pur-O-Zone specialists have the expertise to wade through the hectic challenges that the industry perpetually faces, working with your existing strategies, works in progress, or even blueprints to achieve and maintain a baseline efficiency standard.

Innovate With Us

Face the challenges of the industry without resistance from operational efficiency.

Our consultation and distribution experience extends to many different kinds of manufacturing operations, including aerospace manufacturer and national defense contractor Boeing.

A partnership with Pur-O-Zone is a personalized relationship with experienced and insightful experts in the industry.  

A Trustworthy Partner in Manufacturing

Our experts bring years of practical experience in their specialty, as well as certifications respected throughout the industry.  

Our company and associates' qualifications include:

ISSA CIMS Logo.png

I.C.E. GB (Industry Cleaning Expert, Green Building) - Administered by ISSA

KADPF Logo.png

KADPF (Kansas Association of Directors of Plant Facilities) organization - Board Members

BOMA Logo.png

BOMA (Building Owners and Managers Association)

 - Board Members


Silver Service Certification - Administered by Nilfisk

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