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Health and FITNESS



Health and fitness centers face unique challenges in working towards operational excellence.  Concentrated traffic and volatile daily usage figures can make a smooth operation a hard earned prize. The health and fitness industry is one of the most steadily growing, seeing over $87B in revenue last year, and specialists at Pur-O-Zone are prepared to move you forward in this rapidly growing industry, keeping you in the game and growing ahead of the market.


Keep Your Clients Focused on What Matters To Them 

Maintain a business that doesn't require your micromanagement

Maintain a your facility at peak efficiency with minimal stafffing

Make the most out of your facility without breaking the bank on expensive real estate

While you...

A Trustworthy Partner in Property Management

Our experts bring years of practical experience in their specialty, as well as certifications respected throughout the industry.  

Our company and associates' qualifications include:

ISSA CIMS Logo.png

I.C.E. GB (Industry Cleaning Expert, Green Building) - Administered by ISSA

KADPF Logo.png

KADPF (Kansas Association of Directors of Plant Facilities) organization - Board Members

BOMA Logo.png

BOMA (Building Owners and Managers Association)

 - Board Members


Silver Service Certification - Administered by Nilfisk

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