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Pur-O-Zone Consultative Services

It’s an exciting time for the cleaning industry. Since the late 1990’s the number of available cleaning technologies has nearly doubled and the pace of change is still increasing. New technologies prevail in the marketplace because they improve results, reduce costs, provide efficiencies that were previously unattainable or some combination of all three. The challenge for most cleaning departments is that there are no built in mechanisms for change and adding technology effectively often takes on a broader role than had been initially planned for. The how and why of effectively moving a cleaning department into more current practices is where the Pur-O-Zone’s consulting team excels. We are the most experienced team in the region at providing workloading services.


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Inefficient staffing and budgeting is consistently an impediment to a productive and cost effective environment.

Pur-O-Zone consultants have a proven track record of success in establishing staffing and budget levels optimized for efficiency and productivity.

Preparing for Change

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If your facility is about to undergo change, we understand that it can be difficult to adapt.  Pur-O-Zone consultants can offer personalized solutions to help cleaning departments baseline current practices in preparation for change.

New Technology

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Pur-O-Zone has led the charge in bringing the most innovative cleaning technologies to our customers.

Pur-O-Zone consultants are here to assist you in integrating new technology and evaluate the budget and staffing effects of changing technologies.

Cleaning Plans

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Pur-O-Zone consultants are equipped with industry leading knowledge on the most cost effective cleaning systems.

Our consultants will build cleaning plans that are data and science backed to provide the maximum outcome from the available resources.



Our consultants and technicians take pride in our work and go beyond the theoretical to see the job done right.  

We provide active assistance in implementing new practices and technologies to make sure our track record of efficiency and effectiveness continues to lead the cleaning industry

Are you prepared to achieve operational excellence?


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